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Beaded Baltimore

Album Blocks and Quilt

  • 15 full color beading patterns in the theme of quilted Baltimore Album blocks
  • Instructions and three dimensional diagrams for odd-count flat peyote stitch
  • Includes a border pattern so you can make a complete 4 block quilt with beads


  • ISBN: 0-96658532-1

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this a beading book?
A: Yes, this is a book of beading Patterns. The patterns are for odd-count flat peyote stitch.

Q: Is this a quilting book?
A: No. This is a beading book.

Q: What does it have to do with quilts?
A: A Baltimore Album Quilt is a traditional type of quilt. The bead patterns are based upon traditional themes and styles from Baltimore album quilts. Each pattern is the same size so that they may be combined into a larger beaded "quilt".

Q: I love it. Where can I get it?
A: Try your local bead store. They should have copies, and if they don't, ask them to order it from their supplier.
You can buy it online directly from us or from other beading stores. It is also available from Amazon.com. You can also mail order it from us.

Beaded Baltimore
Album Blocks and Quilt by Jennie Might
$12.95 USD

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